Tech and Fashion industry. Named “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2019 at the Eloy Awards, a renowned platform that celebrates women making impact
and driving change in their sector, in 2016 she founded African Designers Mall (ADM), an e-commerce platform that provides Fashion and Art Entrepreneurs an access to the global market with the tap of a button. ADM is fondly called the “Farfetch of Africa” and it exists for the
expansion and promotion of Africa’s fashion and Art industry using Ebele Founded BrandBor Africa in 2019, a Technology company that is driving digital inclusion in Africa by helping small businesses use tailored digital solutions effectively so that they can reach their target market online, increase their revenue and easily build a customer base and save on-the-go. Ebele gives back to the community through her NGO called My AFRICA PROJECT. Here, she works with action-driven youths to cause change one

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