• Chest: Measure the circumference of your chest. Place one end of the tape measure at the fullest part of your bust, wrap it around (under your armpits, around your shoulder blades, and back to the front) to get the measurement.
  • Waist: Measure the circumference of your waist. Use the tape to circle your waist at your natural waistline, which is located above your belly button and below your rib cage.  Don’t suck in your stomach, or you’ll get a false measurement.
  • Hip: Measure the circumference of your hips. Start at one hip and wrap the tape measure around your rear, around the other hip, and back to where you started. Make sure the tape is over the largest part of your buttocks.  Make sure the tape is level back there so do it in front of a mirror.
  • Shoulder: Think of a line going from your armpit straight upwards to your shoulder. Measure between those two points and hold the tape measure straight.
  • Sleeve length: Get help for this one because it’s hard to do yourself. Place your hand at your waist (your elbow should be bent at a 90-degree angle).The sleeve length measurement is taken from the point of your shoulder (where you took the shoulder width measurement), following your bent arm down to where you want the sleeve to end. This measurement is always the full length of the arm. For short sleeve and 3/4 sleeve you should still measure the full length of the arm.
  • Arm Hole: Measure from the top outside edge of the shoulder down to the armpit and under  and go around to the top of the shoulder.