How to dress that Pear Shaped Bod!!

Pear Shaped Bodies

You are Pear Shaped if 

  • You have a slender neck.
  • Your bust and shoulders are narrower than your hip-line.
  • Your thighs and butt might be well rounded and usually full.
  • You have a well defined waist but more weight below it.

As women with pear shaped bodies tend to store most of the weight on their hips and thighs,  it is a good idea to emphasise dressing up the upper body to balance it out to a get a nice hour glass shape.

Yes Oh Yes !!

  • Use accessories to bring more attention to the upper part of the body. Scarves, stoles or a statement necklaces will add a nice touch.
  • A line Kurtas and dresses will work wonders for this shape.
  • U or V necklines , boat neck, cowl neck and ruffles will draw attention to the top rather than the bottom.
  • A good bra is always essential.
  • Try ruched sleeves and cap sleeved dresses or tops.
  • Better if the bottom part of the outfit is darker than the rest.
  • The hems of kurtas or tunics should be wide to visually balance the pear shaped body.
  • Flat front, wide leg or straight leg pants will make the legs longer.

No No’s

  • No baggy tunics
  • No Bias cuts or Fish Cuts anything
  • Avoid embroidery on the lower half of the Tunics or salwar , as you want to keep attention there to a minimum.
  • Stay away from clothing that draws attention to the hips and thighs
  • Avoid low rise pants

Lets work with what we have, to make a stylish statement!

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